Sustainable Brands 2017

This is our Plum Health DPC application for Sustainable Brands 2017! Plum Health DPC delivers affordable, accessible healthcare services in Detroit and beyond. Read more at our website:

We accomplish our goal via a membership model for health care, with children paying $10/month and adult memberships starting at $49/month. Patients, or members, can call me, text me or email me anytime. They can be seen in the office anytime without a copay.

In addition, we get wholesale medications, at-cost labs, and at-cost imaging services for our members. We saved one of our members $1,632 on one test. He needed an MRI of the Cervical spine. 5 years ago, he paid $2,000 for the test, which is the insurance-based price. We have a contract to get that same test for $368, which becomes a savings of $1,632. Our small pharmacy in our office has saved our members thousands of dollars on everything from blood pressure medications, anti-depressants, diabetic drugs, and more. 

Finally, our lab prices are unreal. We check a complete blood count with differential for $4 (aka a CBC). If you have this CBC performed at the hospital, your insurance will be billed about $100. Our Lipid Panel costs $6.55 while the same test can run for $120 via your insurance. 

This is how we're making health care affordable, accessible and sustainable. We put an end to out-of-control pricing that is causing so many problems for everyday people and their families.

Thanks so much for reading and watching!

- Dr. Paul with Plum Health