Dr. Paul Thomas, MD

Our Physician:

Dr. Paul Thomas, MD      

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Inspired by flaws in the healthcare system that I observed as chief resident at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, I founded Plum Health to provide a new, more effective model of care. With Plum Health DPC, I want to deliver high quality service while giving back to the Detroit community. I truly believe that Direct Primary Care is a better and more patient-centered way to practice medicine. Our Direct Primary Care model allows for more time with your doctor, greater responsiveness to your needs, and a restoration of the doctor-patient relationship.

I know that this is a new model of care, so please reach out to me if you have any questions. Call me at 313.444.5630, or come see us!

Our Mission:

At Plum Health, we believe that health care should be affordable and accessible for everyone.

Plum Health provides excellent health care services. We focus on prevention and wellness. We want to partner with you to create better health outcomes by providing compassionate service in a timely manner.