Doctors Should Charge for Time

Doctors should charge for time, not transactions. When doctors charge by transaction, they do more, get paid more, and your wallet suffers. Transactional relationships in medicine lead to high-speed churn, not high quality, personalized service.

And once you're sent home from the doctor, the ER, or an urgent care center, and something changes that will affect your outcome, you've got to make another appointment and pay more money.

We think that's inefficient, unfair, and unethical.

That's why Plum Health DPC offers an understandable health plan that ensures your access to high-quality healthcare services. Our plans at Plum Health start at $49/month, and we deliver:

  • Responsiveness to phone calls, text messages, and emails direct to your doctor
  • As many appointments as you need in a month
  • Whole-sale medications, at a typical savings of 50% versus the big box pharmacies
  • Lab services for recommended and preventive tests at a typical savings of 80%
  • A focus on prevention that maximizes your health and wellness

So why a membership model? Because things take time to heal. To us, good care means ongoing communication and check-ins to ensure things are actually getting better. But sometimes things get worse and you need further care and care coordination. We can deliver that further care and help with this coordination as well, it's all part of the package.

So sign up today, and start your journey to better health with Plum Health. Direct. Primary. Care.

- Paul Thomas, MD 

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