Affordable and effective, our plans are priced to maximize your benefit while minimizing the strain on your wallet. That's something most fee-for-service institutions can't say.

Pricing Plans

AGES 0 - 17 | $10 / MONTH

AGES 18 - 39 | $49 / MONTH

AGES 40 - 64 | $69 / MONTH

AGES 65+ | $89 / MONTH

Small business and student rates available, inquire for more information here

To note: a membership with Plum Health DPC does not constitute health insurance. Read more here.

Labs and Medications

We constantly search for the best prices for laboratory services and medications to lower the cost of your care.

Our lab prices can be accessed by downloading this PDF and our medication prices can be accessed by downloading this PDF.




  • We will work with you to find healthy activities in the community for  your child or adolescent 

The Basics:

  • We serve children of all ages
  • Parent(s) must be member(s)
  • We work to help you form healthy habits with your children and adolescents

18 - 39

The basics:

  • At this age, life-long habits become solidified
  • Let's work together to build healthy habits that last 
  • We will focus on preventing disease by improving diet and activity patterns


  • We pride ourselves on using the latest technology - feel free to text us with any questions that you have
  • Easy appointment set up via text and email
  • Help us engage with the greater community to improve our collective health

40 - 64

The basics:

  • Preventing chronic diseases
  • Screening for potential harms
  • Promoting healthy habits
  • Ensuring access to the diagnostic testing you need


  • Extended visits for the best care and outcomes
  • Flexibility for your busy schedule
  • Available by phone, text, or email whether you're in state or traveling


The basics

  • Managing chronic diseases so they don't slow you down
  • Screening for potential harms
  • Maximizing quality of life
  • Working with you so that your loved ones know your wishes


  • Extended visits for the most time and attention
  • Flexibility, even if you're unable to leave your home
  • Available by phone at any time