DPC is part of the solution

At Plum Health DPC, we believe that Direct Primary Care is the answer to many of our health care problems in this country. 

Direct Primary Care is an innovative alternative to the existing Fee-for-Service model. You know the Fee-for-Service model well: waiting for your doctor for an hour, seeing him/her for 10 minutes, and only being able to ask one or two questions while in the office.

Well, the solution to our dysfunctional Fee-for-Service system is Direct Primary Care (DPC): for a low monthly membership fee, you have direct contact with your doctor by phone, text, email or in-person visits without co-pays. Appointments are typically on time, and the attention of the doctor is focused on you, not his computer. DPC also provides pass-through savings with at-cost labs, at-cost imaging, and wholesale medications.

DPC is a growing movement across our country that could save our failing healthcare system. As patients have more time with their doctors, conditions are treated appropriately and early. By seeing your doctor early, your cough and cold can be treated before it turns into pneumonia. Larger DPC practices have seen cost savings of 20 - 30% for their members in terms of health care expenditures as well as greater patient satisfaction. 

Patients are more satisfied because the valuable doctor-patient relationship is restored. Rather than having 2,500 patients and seeing each one for rushed 10 - 15 minute appointments, your DPC doctor has 500 patients and is able to spend 30 minutes - 1 hour getting to the root of your medical problems. An attentive doctor, who is available and affordable - this is what makes DPC a viable solution to our health care problems. 

- Paul Thomas, MD