New Year, New Office

Happy New Year from Plum Health DPC - we are working out of a new office in Southwest Detroit/Corktown on the corner of 21st and Vernor street. Our address is 1759 West 21st Street, Detroit, MI. 

Over the last 21ish days, we've repainted the place, cleaned and re-painted the closet, sanded and stained the shelves in the closet, built a shelving unit in an existing cubby, brought in a new exam table, brought in a new refrigerator for our vaccines and other medications, brought in our wholesale medications and phlebotomy equipment. Day by day, we are able to provide more and better services for our members.

For example, we purchased the influenza vaccine. This medication typically runs for $25/dose at the retail pharmacy. Because we purchase medications at wholesale prices, we are able to deliver the flu shot for $10. If you haven't been vaccinated, now's a great time to get it done!

To learn more about what we do, look around the site, and to become a member, you can enroll at our scheduling link.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

- Paul Thomas, MD