Revisiting our Values

I recently had to fill out a form about Plum Health DPC for an upcoming event. When I was filling it out, it helped me clarify the aims of the practice and the mission of Plum Health. It seems appropriate to share it here: 

I am a Doctor and I started Plum Health DPC, the only private Family Medicine practice in Corktown and the only Direct Primary Care practice in Detroit and Wayne County. Plum Health delivers affordable, accessible healthcare services in Detroit and beyond. I'm passionate about creating a healthier community, and I accomplish this by taking care of individuals, teaching groups, and supporting strategic initiatives that will elevate healthy opportunities in the city and beyond.

I am driven to address the health disparities and access to care issues that are faced by Detroiters. There are only 50 - 100 primary care docs in the city for 683,000 people. That is 1 doc for every 6,000 - 12,000 people which is horribly underserved. Part of my mission is to inspire medical students to choose primary care and family medicine as a career, using the Direct Primary Care model as a vehicle for this inspiration. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great week,

- Paul Thomas, MD