Wholesale Medications in Detroit

At Plum Health DPC, we get wholesale medications for our members in Detroit, Wayne County, and Southeast Michigan. Just this week, I've helped more than a few of my patients or members with wholesale medications.

For example, I had a patient with  lower back pain due to paraspinal muscle tenderness. A common treatment for this is with Cyclobenzaprine or Flexeril. This medication can retail for $5 - $15 at retail pharmacies. At Plum Health, we wholesale Flexeril for 2.8 cents/pill. When the patient got the bill for $0.28, he thought that it was an error, but that's the actual cost of the medication.

Next, I have a patient with chronic allergic rhinitis. He told me that he got Flonase or Fluticasone at Costco at a bargain price of $48 for 3 bottles. At Plum Health, we wholesale Flonase for $7.26. He was pleasantly surprised by the cost savings!

Finally, I had a gentleman with Diabetes and High Cholesterol. He had been paying roughly $50/month for his medications at the retail pharmacy. At Plum Health, we were able to wholesale the Lisinopril, Glipizide, and Simvastatin for under $5, essentially saving him $45/month! 

These are just a few examples of how we save people money on their medications and on their healthcare. If you have any questions about how we can help you, don't hesitate to call 313.444.5630 for a free consultation.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching,

- Dr. Paul with Plum Health