Lipid Panel

February Update

Hey everybody! It's February 2nd and time for an update about our services and a little bit of an overview about what we do. January was our first full month of operation in a brick-and-mortar space and we were able to have 20 new members join the practice! We are currently located at 1759 West 21st Street, Detroit, MI.

What makes them want to join? First it's our dedication to great service. When you make an appointment, you typically get 1 hour of uninterrupted time with me, Dr. Paul Thomas. We talk about your medical history, review any records that you bring, perform a physical exam, draw any blood samples if necessary and give any medications if necessary.

The great thing about our Direct Primary Care model is that we get these labs at-cost and the medications at whole-sale prices. Our lipid panel is about $7 and our Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is about $4. Our current price for Azithromycin or a "Z-pak" is $1.15. We sell Lisinopril for about $0.40/month. Yes, you read that correctly! Forty cents for a one month supply of Lisinopril. 

I give Flu shots for $10.53, Hepatitis A vaccine for $68.42, Tetanus Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis (TDaP) vaccine for $47.47. Our price for Metformin is $0.40/month if you take 1 pill each day and $0.80/month if you take 2 pills each day. I recently dispensed Augmentin for a skin infection for $4.82. 

If you're interested in this type of care: more time with your doctor, clear and consistent pricing, the ability to have easier communication with your doctor via text and email, you should sign up for our services.

You can either call 313.444.5630 to set up an appointment or enroll on our website, here.

Thank you for watching and reading, and have a great day!

- Paul Thomas, MD