Travel Medicine in Detroit

It's that time of year where people start traveling! If you have travel plans for this summer or fall, let us help you at Plum Health DPC. We have helped several of our members get their vaccines at-cost, we deliver the vaccines in our office, and we save our traveling patients time and money. 

We give our vaccines at-cost to save you money on your trip, from Hepatitis A, to Typhoid, to TdaP, and Malaria prophylaxis, we've got you covered for your upcoming travel. Here are our prices:

  • Hepatitis A vaccine $68.40
  • Typhoid Vaccine: $72
  • Tetanus Diphtheria and acellular pertussis (TDaP): $47.47
  • Malarone for malaria prophylaxis: $3.16/pill, or roughly $50 for an 8 day trip

There aren't many travel medicine options in the City of Detroit, and we are happy to be filling a gap in coverage and a gap in care for the folks that are taking trips outside of the country. You may not need all of the above listed vaccines, but we will work together to figure out which are necessary for your trip. The website has a great tool for learning which vaccines you need. 

Thanks for your time, and happy travels,

- Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health DPC

Vaccine Finder

Recently, I wrote a blog post about getting your flu shot! #GetYourFluShot And when I was reading articles on the CDC website, I came across Vaccine Finder. Vaccine Finder is a nifty online resource that allows you to enter your zip code to find the nearest clinic or pharmacy that dispenses vaccines.

It lists the basics like the address, phone, hours of operation and website. In addition, as the clinic or pharmacy owner, you can enter in the price of the vaccines that you dispense. As a Direct Primary Care clinic with transparent pricing, we did just that! You can see that our Influenza Vaccine costs $10.53, our Hepatitis A vaccine costs $68.42, and our TDaP vaccine costs $47.47. 

Another cool feature is that you can use the website to hail an Uber to get you to the vaccine dispensing location! 

FYI, we're in Corktown/Southwest Detroit, and if you enter in our zip code (48216), we will be the #1 result! 

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day, and #GetYourFluShot,

- Paul Thomas, MD