Plum Health DPC, challenging the status quo for healthcare in Detroit

The status quo in Primary Care is not good enough. We shouldn't have to take a half day off of work to see our doctor for ten minutes. We shouldn't be confused by billing. It shouldn't be so hard to get an appointment or talk with our doctor. 

At Plum Health DPC, we believe in challenging that status quo. We believe that you shouldn't have to wait for your doctor, but that your doctor should wait on you. We believe that you should be able to text or call your doctor anytime. We believe in clear and consistent pricing.  

We think differently about healthcare and its delivery because we want happy members with easy access to our services. We deliver a healthcare product that is affordable, easy to use, and well designed. 

Start your journey to better health with Plum Health. Direct. Primary. Care.

- Paul Thomas, MD